I don’t really watch much TV, honestly. I’m not really home often enough to see stuff that’s actually being broadcast, so usually I wait till it’s on DVD or watch stuff online. But, there are a few shows that have become my ‘favorite’ television programmes (worthy of the fun British spelling).

The shows I enjoy watching (and hence will comment on, thus their being mentioned here):

House MD, Season 1

House MD: Though I haven’t seen a whole lot of this particular program, I’m a fan of Hugh Laurie’s roles in Blackadder and some of his other early shows, and I recently bought the Season 1 DVD after seeing a few episodes on TV and finding them quite enjoyable. So, expect to see more thoughts and proverbial et cetera on this show.

LOST Season 1

LOST: I watched a few episodes of Lost when it first began airing and liked it a lot, however I started missing episodes and within no time was hopelessly confused and stopped watching. This last year however I got my hands on Seasons 1-3 on DVD and watched them all in a couple of months, and managed to get caught up with Season 4 with the online episodes during the writer’s strike, and was able to finish Season 4 as it aired. Easily my favorite show; expect to see lots of posts expounding on it’s wonders.


This is another show which, like Lost, I mostly missed when it first started airing. I bought the Season 1 DVD when it went on sale at Best Buy after Season 2 finished, and then watched Season 2 online. My next favorite show after Lost. I have plenty to say about this show and it’s various incarnations, so you will probably be seeing lots of posts on it.


Frasier: It is the smartest show on TV. After watching late-night syndicated episodes for several years, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most of the episodes piecemeal. However, I’ve recently been stocking up on the DVD’s so I can watch the show in a coherent fashion. I’m really not sure what I’ll say about Frasier, but I’m sure I will think of something if for no other reason than to justify the existence of this little entry right here.

Family Guy

Family Guy: While largely looked down upon by respectable sorts, Family Guy is honestly the smartest stupid humor I’ve encountered. The jokes are, while superficially nonsensical, really quite well thought-out and the characters are rather snappy archetypal parodies. And honestly that’s all I have to say right here.


Firefly: The poster child for shows canceled for no reason other than the incompetence of studio executives. A well-written and perfectly acted series, it was only allowed to air 11 of it’s fourteen episodes, not including the 2-hour pilot, resulting in viewers having no background for the show from the ‘first’ episode. I can rant to a more in-depth degree (and you’d better believe I will, all you Fox execs reading this… because I know so many of you read my blog…) but for now I will fulfill my formatting needs and finish up this little entry.

doctor-who-series-1-dvd-big Doctor Who. That is all.


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  1. I’ve decided I will actually start doing some of these… artistic reviews, philosophical whatnots, that sort of thing. Partially because I have nothing to talk about, so I need a topic to ramble on.

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