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Open Monday Through Tuesday, Other Hours by Chance or Whimsy

Yes, that’s right. At long last this one has burst forth into the blogosphere. Beware. I hereby promise that I will never post anything about how my day went.


Okay, if something worthwhile happens, you’ll hear about it. If I want you to. But no pictures of my feet or “I’m so bored!!!1” posts. Seriously.

And no drama. Unless there’s something juicy. But.

Mostly, I will use this to talk about the books, movies, photos, music, TV, etc that I’ve been reading, watching, looking at, listening to, viewing, etc as well as any matters of social importance that cross my mind. Or just random neurons. It’s my blog. Thbbpt.

So, tomorrow (or some other day depending on when I feel like it) I will kick this off by talking about the progress I’ve made on my summer reading list (and yes, I’ve made progress, shock awe) and some commentary on my most recent visual media endeavors. Alright, it’s time to let my brain sleep.