Set My Coffee Free!

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9 responses to “Set My Coffee Free!

  1. You fizzick. Starbuck is to coffee what rain is to Seattle.

  2. Ubiquitous, damp, and miserable?

  3. Yes, but I love rain the same.

  4. Oh, tank… you hurt me with that reply.

  5. Well, the rain in Seattle is ubiquitous, damp, and miserable… so is Starbucks coffee. If that hurts you I will gladly punch you in the jaw.

  6. watch out…the yuppies are just waiting to suckle upon your dignity and your soul…but just steal their PDA’s or “smartphones’ and they scramble by the wayside like eggs covered in bacon grease.


    let me share a story…i recently received a $10 starbucks giftcard and upon receiving this gift my heart dropped cuz i was hoping it would be a homer’s giftcard. ah yes homer’s. but i’ll just go get that batch of sugar called ‘caramello’ (oh crap i’m gonna be charged $10 for royalties for using that word without having any copyright laws) but i’ll drink the sugar glass that it is. true blog though, or i can get a hot coffee and enjoy the subtleties of the hot melty plastic cover….yummmy.

    as you can see i’m using sarcasm.

    and maybe starbucks would have better coffee if they didn’t spend so much money on those fancy little green straws. hmm

  7. your face is ubiquitous, damp, and miserable.

  8. I hate people who complain about the price of coffee but won’t do the splurge on getting their own equipment to make their own drinks.

    Oh, and people who drink all the lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas, but for the life of me can’t take espresso macchiatos and straight espresso shots.

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